Tuesday, September 8, 2009


This is my random post for the day. (yes this is the way my mind moves.)

Bowing: it was Elegant, it was Romantic, it was suave. Now we immediately hug/ kiss total strangers. (Not that that's always a bad thing :D)

But the Bow and the curtsy have become virtually extinct! The Muslims bow, and the orientals bow, why don't we? Sometimes we bow when Contra dancing, and maybe other dancing.

And what about the curtsy? A sign of respect to elders and betters. Do we curtsy to the President? No, we hug him and shake his hand. (Not to mention nervously prattle on while shaking and sweating)

But what happened to these commodities of everyday society? It was only 200 years ago and less that we used them.

And just imagine how much deeper Love would be, and how much longer marriages would last if you weren't allowed to touch them but in dance until after you were engaged! And you couldn't kiss until the day you married!

This is just something to make you think. Think how much better things would be if we abode by Regency etiquette!
And that's my thought for today. I finished my previous quilt (Pics on the way) it's blue and white checkered. It also looks great on my bed :D
Well until next time!


luthien said...

hello avonlea :)
i love your blog name! it's unique, it's sounds gentle and has a sense of romance, but most of all it sounds like something out of a fantasy land. :) does it mean anything?
just pop by to say thank you for adding me as one of your favorites :) and yes.. i do agree with your latest post about preserving all these gentile niceties which we have somehow lost. bring back the decorum and the romance anytime!
luthien :)

Elinor Dashwood said...

I too wish that we had more of that old-fashioned etiquette. So much nicer than what we have now.

Can you imagine the looks you'd get if you were to go see the President in Washington, and curtsy and say, "Good day, Mr. President! How do you do?" LOL. :-D

I love that first picture. :-) And your header is gorgeous.

Can't wait to see the quilt pictures!

~Melanie A. from the S&S forum

Anonymous said...

When I was a little girl (long, long ago...) I had to curtsy and my brother had to bow when we were introduced to people. This was still done in the late 50s in Germany, then. When we came to Canada, the people who lived downstairs liked to call us down to meet their visitors. They thought it was so cute!

Fiona said...

I've been reading through your blog, it's lovely.
At my 40th birthday Jane Austen party we all curtseyed to each other and in long dresses it felt just right. I wish we could do it all the time!