Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fall is in the air! And so is Flour *Cough*

Well these are times I reallllly need a camera, but hopefully I'll get one for my birthday. (whether I buy it or someone else does. :D)

but anyways, Yesterday my dad had to grind some flour. We own a grist mill and general store that is well... not open... But anyways, my dad is allergic to flour so he couldn't be around it. So mom and I went down to help. Because we couldn't contaminate the whole system with flour we had to sift it by hand. So I put on and old t-shirt and an apron (yes over my jeans. :D) and went down to help.

I had so much fun! It's strange what I take joy in! The steady beat of the mill at work, and the gentle monotony of the sifter. Being covered in flour from head to toe. :D It's a good flour, it's not whole wheat but it's not sifted within an inch of it's life. :D

Also my Aunt went ahead and ordered the other dress, so I'll have both these patterns. :D And! I'm almost done with my nighty! I have to hem the bottom and put the bias on the top and embroider the front. (sounds like a lot but it's not. :D)