Monday, September 28, 2009

As American as Apple cake!

I was so excited when Emily over at Homemaking pen friends suggested a recipe exchange. The wonderful "Hip chick" Posted about this lovely Apple cake!

I then realized I had a whole bag of apples in the crisper drawer! I decided to do this one gluten free and not torture poor Daddy, who's alergic. :D So He had some "Millet" Grain down in the mill unground. I knew I couldn't wait on him to grind it so I took down our old coffee grinder and set to work. A few hours later I had just enough!

I had to adjust the recipe having no orange juice or the right pan... and in the end I still used too much baking powder... I'm sure there's still bits of it on the bottom of the oven.. and instead of layering the batter with the apples I simply lined one apple instead of six on top.

The flour was too thick and a little grainy, but all in all it turned out well! and Dad said that if he ground it in the big mill it would fix the graininess.

After my cake was done I did some old fashioned, walk to the neighbor's visiting. Mom had already gone over there. It's such a beautiful walk back to my friend's. Through wood and over field kind of thing. And the weather was GORGEOUS!

As I walked up the hill I was happy to see that mom was still there. but as I neared, she pulled out and left! But! happily though after a short respite, some water and a phone call, I walked back, further enjoying this beautiful fall day!

Later, I even got to walk my friend back home. So I had a wonderful lovely, productive day!

*Taps foot* Now I need my vest pattern. :D