Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Slight Pause

Well A sad thing that goes along with losing my job is, that now that I'm not living part time with my aunt, I no longer have fast cable internet.

So I came home with high hopes of setting up our DSL and using my fast little computer in the mean time... unfortunately I can't get the DSL hooked up and my loverly little computer will no longer connect to the internet... for unknown reasons. So at the moment I'm using my dad's computer... which not only is uber slow.. it is currently driving me crazy with it's hard to use letter sticking keyboard. (My mom compared it to using an old flip letter typewriter.. But I just so happen to own and love my old Flip letter typewriter.. and it's nothing like this) This means please don't mind any spelling errors that may occur!

So I'm here and will be here! There's just nothing going on in my life to note. (though I will be going camping with a friend this weekend as kind of a "farewell summer" "Welcome Fall" getaway) So maybe I'll get something by then and be able to post.

Oh! I just remembered something.. I just finished "Age of innocence" by Edith Wharton eh it's okay. it gives good insight on the times.. though a little early for my interests. (I like Edwardian times better) But I wasn't crazy about the story. I was glad he stayed with his wife... but sad he didn't end up with Ellen in the end.

But anyhoo, it's getting late and I'm tired and well slightly dizzy, so I'll talk to ya'll later!

Take care and God Bless!!