Thursday, September 3, 2009

Figured it out!!

Okay so as my title implies, I figured it out! So this will be my vintage and project blog and the other my personal blog. I can't wait to get started! I'll post later today on my latest project which is a quilt for my bedroom at my Aunts. We're decorating it in the "Shabby Chic" style.

Alright fine! I'll post it now!

So I'm sewing it by machine, I know out of my ordinary right? Well I want it done and I don't want to spend forever on it. I'm quilting it by hand though.

I got the pattern Idea from a book in a local sewing shop, but the book was an outrageous! price! So I memorized the pattern and had my aunt pick out the fabric. It's a strip quilt, which is how I intend to get it done quickly. The big squares are 1'X1' And the strips are just over 2" wide. So to get the strips I set my fabric on the 2" line on my rotary board and simply cut it even with the edge of the board along the whole length of the fabric. (I'll get pics of it soon)

The squares I just cut manually, before I though I could have cut it in strips as well. Anyhoo there it is!


Melanie said...

Your blog is adorable, Megan! Your quilt is cute too! :-D